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Great Dane BUTT Print

12 Jul

It’s a very warm Thursday evening and I decided to take the dogs on a long walk on a nature trail because I felt bad that the puppy girls had been cooped all week.


 About 5 min into the walk I take Emma off her leash because shes a good off the leash walker.  Coconut does not get this special treatment.

As soon and I un hook her leash I walk a few steps and I don’t hear her.  I turn and what do I see?

There is Emma she has stopped, dropped and begun ROLLING in a MASSIVE mud puddle.  I scream EMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she stops and looks at me?

“WTF woman, I’m having a good time.”  I run over to her she hops up and resumes on our walk.  She turns and her entire left side is caked in mud.  She looks exactly how elephants look after a mud roll.  I laugh and try to tell myself the bath wont be that bad.

We get into the apt and I carefully try to walk into the bathroom.  I rinse, suds, rinse again – SUCCESS clean dog.  She hops out of the tub and its all done, until I see the bathroom cabinets, a near perfect Emma butt print.


Oh well, I tried!