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Consistency is King

23 Jul

“Consistency is the hallmark of the unimaginative.” – Oscar Wilde

I wholeheartedly disagree with that statement.  I think consistency is retro and key to a happy life.  Don’t change jobs, spouses, cities, or your coffee order.  A habit-free existence would be a robotic existence; it would be one in which nothing could be taken for granted. But if nothing can be taken for granted, you can’t get started on anything. (NPR Blog)

That is the mid-set I went into our kitchen renovation with.  I have always, always known what I liked and disliked in home decor. **and in all facets of life for that matter!!  Ever since a wee child I made note of what design decisions I appreciated and ones I did not.    For instance when I was around 8 years old the exterior of the house I grew up in was painted purple.  I thought this was atrocious.  I did not appreciate being associated with the poor color choice: “the purple house at the end of the cul-de-sac.” UGH! No no no no no no.

When we moved into the new house the original kitchen was so terrible I began to avoid cooking in it at all costs.  Gabriel would ask what was for dinner, I would suggest a restaurant.  The layout was cumbersome, the green formica counter made to food look toxic and the red communist walls were dizzying.

The terrible old kitchen

The terrible old kitchen

When we began meeting with the kitchen designer I showed him all the elements of the kitchen I wanted.  Picking out the materials, cabinets, handles were done in a matter of an hour.  Organization is also key…..  How did people re-decorate before Pinterest?

Kitchen mid construction

Kitchen mid construction, Coco hard at work.


2.5 weeks after the demo began- VOILA it was complete.

Voila all done!

Voila all done!

What I failed to realize is how truly consistent I am with my taste.  I adore my puppy dogs, as this blog is a testament to.  I adore them so much my home decor has begun to reflect them.

Those flecks in the granite sure look familiar….

Those flecks in the granite sure look familiar….

Hmmmm.  #dontjudge