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Maggy? No COCONUT (Part 2)

8 Feb

On my Wisconsin Craigslist search for a dog, I soon came across listing for a tiny white puppy girl. 


A Scrawny White Dog

It said:

 “Small 5 month old dog, good with cats and dogs, $100.00 rehoming fee, Text me if you are interested.”  Text?  This person put their number on craigslist? 

Ok sounds easy enough to me.  I texted them and within 5 minutes I had set up a time the next morning to go visit ‘Maggie.’ 


Craigslist Text

My mother, impressed with how quickly it all came together said;

 “Ok we can go see her tomorrow even THOUGH it’s my BIRTHDAY!”

The next day we drove through farms and odd dilapidated towns for 2 hours. When we got there we found an odd duplex apartment building and the apartment they family lived in had a stove and a washing machine on their patio…..  (I wish I had taken a picture)

A rough looking gentleman came out and told us his wife was washing the dog and they’d be out in a minute.  In the window I could see a dirty couch, a few children a full grown boxer and a cat.  ALL in a VERY small dirty apartment.  EEKK this felt more like a rescue than an adoption. 

Finally they brought Maggy out, she was wet, shivering, barely had any hair on her backside but very playful and sweet acting.  My mom burst out with;

 “Well she’s wonderful!! My daughter has always wanted a Paris Hilton dog.”  Ummm, no I have not!!  Then she handed them the $100.00, and the woman insisted that we took the towel she was wrapped in because it was snowing out.  


My New Wet Puppy

As we walked out of the apartment I was beaming and tearing up with happiness. I had a new puppy!!!  And she was beyond adorable….


The Wench and her Puppy

But little did I know what she had in store for us…..

To Be Continued: