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Pugs, Make My World Go Round

8 Nov

I love pugs.




I love little ones, big ones, stinky ones and all those in between.  Nothing in the world makes this girl happier than a lil sneezing, wheezing  whining, shedding, smelly pug.  I have had many animals in my lifetime guinea pigs, small dogs, big dogs, rats, hamsters, fish etc yet to this day nothing melts my heart like a waddling pug.

In other words:


 While not the most poetic, this quote hits the nail right on the head.  It has been exactly 13 months since I lost my beloved stinky Peggy and frankly my heart aches for a Peggy junior.  Plus Coconut need a playmate, our elderly Emma just doesn’t cut it.

Then my wonderful brand new husband graced me with the best new a pug lover could ever hear:


Yes baby, we can get a pug.

He also went on to say, “When we buy a house with a yard.”

I didn’t need to hear the last part, because I heard the first part and that was all I needed to make 2013 sound like the best year a girl could ask for. **Swoon** Now I cherish my pug jewelry, t-shirts, artwork even more because! soon soon my little chipmunks, I will be the proud owner/Mama of the most precious creature on this earth!!  OH BE STILL MY HEART!!!

Now its time to think of names…… I have a few ideas but I am open to new ones… Extra points for names that are food or  Spanish or BOTH!

Examples:  Salchicha, Cebolla etc.


 Three dogs is a lot, but not when one dog is part goddess.

(and I am not referring to Coconaughtty)

(stay tuned for the latest Coconut Adventures) 


Ring Ring… is the RETARD there?

20 Feb

I have little to no interest in wedding details – so I am calling home to remind my mother to send me the photos of the mock up bouquet the florist put together for my wedding.  The entire wedding will be based off of this bouquet.

NOTE: This about the extent of the energy I am expending on this wedding-endeavor.

Carsten picks up the phone.  He is 15 years old and never ceases to amaze me with his border-line retardedness (even tho his SAT scores are pretty much at a child genius level).  For that – my OTHER brother Cade is my favorite.  AND I never miss an opportunity to exclaim my love for Cade over Carsten.  My maturity is startling, I know.


Find the Tard....


Begin Scene:


Carsten:  “Ughhhhhhhhh HELLO?”

Me: “Carsten?”

Carsten: “Hi Mama!”

Me: (already annoyed…) “Is Cade there??”

PAUSE ……Looooong pause.

Carsten: “ughhhhh…” (sounding confused)


Me: “Can I talk to him you bleeping RETARD?!?!?!?

(he has covered the phone with his hand but I can still hear everything, because he is a RE-Tard)

Carsten:   “Ughhhhh Cade????????????????????  Charlotte’s on the phone, I know it’s her because she called me a Retard.”

Cade starts joyousnessly laughing and gleefully takes the phone.

Me: “Hi Cade, can you tell remind Da Mama to send me the pictures I asked for?”

Cade:  “Sure ok.”

Me: “Do you know why I’m asking you to do this and not Carsten?”

Cade: “Because he’s a retard?”

Me: “Yes, exactly.”

End Scene

I’m glad we are all on the same page here.

Maggy? No COCONUT (Part 2)

8 Feb

On my Wisconsin Craigslist search for a dog, I soon came across listing for a tiny white puppy girl. 


A Scrawny White Dog

It said:

 “Small 5 month old dog, good with cats and dogs, $100.00 rehoming fee, Text me if you are interested.”  Text?  This person put their number on craigslist? 

Ok sounds easy enough to me.  I texted them and within 5 minutes I had set up a time the next morning to go visit ‘Maggie.’ 


Craigslist Text

My mother, impressed with how quickly it all came together said;

 “Ok we can go see her tomorrow even THOUGH it’s my BIRTHDAY!”

The next day we drove through farms and odd dilapidated towns for 2 hours. When we got there we found an odd duplex apartment building and the apartment they family lived in had a stove and a washing machine on their patio…..  (I wish I had taken a picture)

A rough looking gentleman came out and told us his wife was washing the dog and they’d be out in a minute.  In the window I could see a dirty couch, a few children a full grown boxer and a cat.  ALL in a VERY small dirty apartment.  EEKK this felt more like a rescue than an adoption. 

Finally they brought Maggy out, she was wet, shivering, barely had any hair on her backside but very playful and sweet acting.  My mom burst out with;

 “Well she’s wonderful!! My daughter has always wanted a Paris Hilton dog.”  Ummm, no I have not!!  Then she handed them the $100.00, and the woman insisted that we took the towel she was wrapped in because it was snowing out.  


My New Wet Puppy

As we walked out of the apartment I was beaming and tearing up with happiness. I had a new puppy!!!  And she was beyond adorable….


The Wench and her Puppy

But little did I know what she had in store for us…..

To Be Continued:

Fam-Damn-ily FUN!!!!

1 Feb

It’s the middle of the dark season – ie: winter and naturally that makes one think of all fun and carefree times summer brings.

Today! I give you a montage of my Cray-Cray family, a-la summer 2011!


We went to the pool to 'babysit' my brothers






Teaching da Mama how to use a camera - for the 100th time, tipsy


Letting Peggy swim free in the Great Lakes




After her CHAMPION swim a snack of dead fish


Fun in the sun


Pretty sunset picture




Peek-a-Boo Where is ChaChalita?!?!


The Pirate's First Brewers Baseball Game


Da Mama and her Peanut


Passed out (sleeping) at The Pirate's 1st Brewers Game (behind home base...)

Sisterly Love

31 Jan

Da Mama, Karina and Me

I don’t normally look to my sister for sympathy — that’s just not the sisterly bond we have, with that I messaged her today to talk to her about the impending deployment of The Pirate in 15 days.  Yes – you calculated that correctly he is deploying on Valentines Day.


Wisco Love

Our bond is usually more focused on terrorizing our brothers in tandem and drinking fine beverages such as PBR.

But today I was feeling particularly sad so I messaged her.

me:  i havent been sleeping well for days – bedtime makes me the saddest, because i can count the nights i have left with The Pirate
Karina:  ur getting married, you have eternity to sleep together.
(I don’t respond…)
 Karina:  so find a new bf
 me:  Umm NO! — i dont want a new bf, i just dont want him to leave
 (Long Pause)
 Karina:  i was kidding
 Karina:  its life, gotta deal.  It’s better than him breaking up with you
 Karina: guess what? im in Rome! Its sooo so beautiful here, i love it, but i have to go to dinner now!
End of Conversation.
Remind me next time to keep my thoughts to myself!!!

My Sweet Peggy Lou

27 Jan

Once upon a time, I had a pug.  Her name was Peggy Lou and she was the apple of my eye.


Peggy and her corn

After being showed a couple of times and only receiving 3rd place, she was sold by her breeder when she was a ripe one year old.  Peggy was a failed show dog.  (but not in our eyes!!)   We got Peggy when I was a freshman in high school and from that day forward Peggy was and I were inseparable.  If I did my homework she was on my lap.  If I was eating dinner she was right there with me.  If someone came over whom I detested (mostly my sister’s orchestra friends) she hated them too.  We were one unit.


Swimming Together

Now Peggy wasn’t without her faults.  She had a certain aroma in which most despised.  I’m looking at you KbCatCrazy….  She shed, snored, sneezed and grunted like there was no tomorrow, and her halitosis could make you faint.  Frankly, I could not have found any of these qualities more endearing than I already did – she was my stinky pug and I loved her for it.


Peggy and Emma on the bow

It wasn’t until I moved in with The Pirate did I find someone who loved her as much if not more than I did.



The Pirate with his rough exterior ADORED that stinky Peggy.  He was so enthused with her when she moved aboard that he made a video (or two) about it.

Check it out!


Peggy Lou

27 Jan

A Video by The Pirate