My name is Charlotte.  I am a Wisconsin girl, through and through, even though I don’t enjoy football… The Green Bay Packers are barely tolerable, I am a very loyal Wisconsinite in many other ways.

I went to college in Massachusetts.  Now I live in Washington D.C. on a boat, with my Cuban fiancé and two puppy dogs, a Great Dane named Emma and a Chihuahua/Terrier-Hellion named Coconut.

I decided at LONG LAST to create this little gem because for a few reasons.

#1.  I am a prepschool princess who likes the finer things in life.  I am now living on a BOAT with a Cuban (who frequently channels Captain Jack Sparrow), TWO wild dogs, and I’m learning how to be a spouse/career-woman/poop-scooper extraordinaire and not drown ALL at the same time.

#2. My family is CRAY-CRAY.  Yes I said it. I grew up on a funny farm, and now the distance between my family and me makes me realize just how cray-cray they really are.  And don’t even get me started on the Pirate’s enormous cray-cray Cuban family!

#3.  I read a lot of blogs – I mean A LOT. And I am bound and determined to write witty funny exposés about my life that isn’t dribblely, whiney, OH-OMG MY LIFE IS SO WONDERFUL I CAN’T STAND IT nasty annoying verbal girl-vomit.


A little background – because you are probably wondering how the eff’ did all this start?

About ME:

I love my state, the great state of Wisconsin.  I love the brewers, I love beer (esp Summer Shandy by Leinenkugel’s) I love cheese, I love Lake Michigan, I love downtown Milwaukee, I love driving through farmland and I love it when my mom pulls over on the side of the road and talks to the dairy cows.

HELLOOO GIRLS!!!” she screeches.   The cows know her and sometimes a few of them come to the fence to greet her.  Then the farmer usually wonders who the crazy is talking to his cows and shoos her away (my mother, not the cows).  We laugh and agree unanimously that our Mumma is certifiable.


The Sisters and Lake Michigan

My sister and I were born in Scandinavia, moved to the states when were very young.  While this is part of who we are, it certainly shouldn’t distract from the fact that we are full blooded WISCO girls 4life.  I am one of FOUR children.  Don’t even get me started on how my only wish in life was to be an only child.  There is ME, Karina, then 10+ years later Brother#1 and Brother#2.  Age gaps are big in this fam-damn-ily.



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