It’s baaaaack!

22 Jul

Like a bad virus that you just can’t kick. The blog is baaaaack!  A lot has changed since 2012.  A few things on the list:

  • We got married
  • Gabriel deployed a second time
  • We bought a house while he was gone..
  • Coconut has a new BROTHER!!!!!

Phew! That was exhausting.

Sweet Gaby said we could get a THIRD pup if we had a house.  While he was gone I was intent on taking him up on this deal. When he returned in February he had a house.  Step one of two.  After a day or two back in the country, I kindly reminded him of his puppy promise.   He pretended not to hear what I said.

new house


“Then one sunny April day Santa came say, Charlotte with your nose so bright won’t you lead the Gabriel to a new puppy today???”  

Or in this case, our friend Brad posted an adorable Coconut look alike on my Facebook wall.



I told the Hubs we should go visit him at the rescue center. As I told him this I was simultaneously packing the dog carrier and leash into the car.  Gabriel soon realized this wasn’t going to be just a ‘visit.’  Once we got there it was evident Diego wanted to join our clan.  

And join our clan did he ever!!!! 


While a sweet lil guy, he was very much ‘McNeedy #1.’  

 meet Diego

Coconut thought this was OK, until he tried to spend the night in HER bed with us.

Bad Coco


Staking her claim like the royal B*ach she has always been.  Coconut marked her territory in the middle of the night.  Diego has learned to sleep on the floor ever since…..

Aww we love you coco!  Diego too, but shhhh we won’t tell anyone. 


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