Pugs, Make My World Go Round

8 Nov

I love pugs.




I love little ones, big ones, stinky ones and all those in between.  Nothing in the world makes this girl happier than a lil sneezing, wheezing  whining, shedding, smelly pug.  I have had many animals in my lifetime guinea pigs, small dogs, big dogs, rats, hamsters, fish etc yet to this day nothing melts my heart like a waddling pug.

In other words:


 While not the most poetic, this quote hits the nail right on the head.  It has been exactly 13 months since I lost my beloved stinky Peggy and frankly my heart aches for a Peggy junior.  Plus Coconut need a playmate, our elderly Emma just doesn’t cut it.

Then my wonderful brand new husband graced me with the best new a pug lover could ever hear:


Yes baby, we can get a pug.

He also went on to say, “When we buy a house with a yard.”

I didn’t need to hear the last part, because I heard the first part and that was all I needed to make 2013 sound like the best year a girl could ask for. **Swoon** Now I cherish my pug jewelry, t-shirts, artwork even more because! soon soon my little chipmunks, I will be the proud owner/Mama of the most precious creature on this earth!!  OH BE STILL MY HEART!!!

Now its time to think of names…… I have a few ideas but I am open to new ones… Extra points for names that are food or  Spanish or BOTH!

Examples:  Salchicha, Cebolla etc.


 Three dogs is a lot, but not when one dog is part goddess.

(and I am not referring to Coconaughtty)

(stay tuned for the latest Coconut Adventures) 


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