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Where has the Time Gone?

23 Mar

It’s been a while since my last post. Let me defend myself – and tell you I have been busy – and that is no joke jose.

In the past 10 days: 

– I have been to Texas and back (SXSW was beyond amazing, not just because I discovered a beverage named Lone Star (see @blametelford))  I actually did learn a ton – social media isnt as daunting as it once seemed


– In under 24hrs I went to a human ER AND an animal ER – probably the most hair raising experience of my adult life.  I am happy to report that both human and critter are doing just fine, and I’m ALSO happy to share: ambulance rides aren’t as scary as they appear, I’m pretty sure the patient asked the ambulance man if he was Cuban then told him about how I was marrying a Pirate…  somehow this all seemed very relevant while speeding through downtown DC with sirens blaring. Me? I was just glad the mood was being lightened.

– I spent a quick 4 hrs in NYC hosting a work luncheon – it was great success and I love NYC more than any other American city (other than MILWAUKEE of course)

– I have not had internet for 10 daysComcast is very VERY high in my sh*tlist.  I have tweeted them, called them, and incessantly harassed them to no avail

– The boat repairman refuses to come and fix the boat engine as he is scared to death of Emma – and I refuse to give in, telling him to buck up and get his a$$ into the engine room and fix what is broken.  No mercy for meak little men in my world.


emma giving the stink-eye

And the best part of the last 10 days?

  1. Da Mama came for a hot second and a lovely visit 😉 lots of good meals
Image(I include Ihop in that statement) lots of long walks through DC and quality boat time
2. Coconut started agility class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now you may know Coconut as a pure hellion, but apparently she can channel all of that energy very well.  She has been incredibly easy to teach new commands to as well as FEARLESS when going up, on, or around agility equipment.  Even our agility instructor seemed surprised how well our little 6lb Coconut responded to commands and going through the long dog tunnels.   My baby – she’s a pro!!!!

Really, Who would have thought?  I truly believed her only pure talent was the ability to destroy an entire role of paper towel and turn it into confetti in under 5 minutes.   Impressive really if you think about it.



Emma want a TREAT??

5 Mar

Emma-Bemma gets a treat


5 Mar

The pups waiting for The Pirate to return to us

I am breaking down my weekend into a simple format – a PRO and CON synopsis.


–       I ventured to the U-Haul storage unit on my own! (I find this very stressful don’t ask – it’s in the ghetto and I don’t like it) I didn’t have the correct storage unit number, but after putting my key in ½ a dozen locks I found my unit.  Epic win.

One PRO? Yes that’s all I have.

Alright one more Pro:

–       I took Coconut to Petsmart she had a blast


–       On the way to Amy’s house I didn’t take the correct exit and I ended up in Anacostia.  If that doesn’t send shivers up your spine,  Google it. Have I mentioned I hate driving?? Because I do. I hate it with a fiery passion. So once I arrived at Amy’s I promptly moved over to the passenger seat.

–       I tried to make eggs the way The Pirate does, fried over hard.  Instead they came out crispy and tough.  Fail.  The Pro? The dogs loved them. nom-nom, crunchy!

–       I tried to make chicken the way Amy does. Last week she invited me over for dinner and made Shake and Bake Chicken.  I had never had it before and it was divine.  SO I tried to make my own.  I followed the directions on the Shake and Bake box and voila I had made beautiful looking chicken.  I was starving and dinner looked amaze-ballz!!!

You are waiting for the CON?? Keep reading its coming……………

When it came time to eat I plated the chicken and took a closer look.  I was beyond grossed out.  The chicken had been so juicy that it soaked the crunchy outside  and blood had bubbled out of the bone and made a black gooey mess.  I was so upset.  I picked it a part a little and gave what looked OK to Emma and Coconut and threw the rest in the water.  Fish food.

–       I had no one to go to IHOP with me


my former IHOP partner-in-crime

So my mother convinced me it would be fine to go alone as long as I bought a newspaper to read. So I did. Errr….. I attempted.   Once I got to IHOP the line was out the door and I decided there was nothing more depressing than standing ALONE in line with families and lovey-dovey couples.

I bailed and took my newspaper to Dunkin Donuts.  I used the AARP discount (I’m old at heart) and sat down, alone and called my Daddy.  He’s the best person to call when you don’t want to be told your being lame.  He will let you ramble until he has to go – this time hung up on me to go stomp on the ants over taking the kitchen.

Final CON:

–       Coconut fell OFF the dock in to the river. (if you are keeping track this is the first THIRD TIME – but she swims like a pro!!!)


She wasn’t paying attention and was barking at another dog and her back paw slipped and in she went.  I ran and dropped to my belly and scooped her out by her harness.  Once back on the dock she shook off the water and kept trotting along.

In other news:

I am still amazed by how FREAKING long SIX months is.


Wow. I seriously under estimated this endeavor, but I am very grateful for all my wonderful friends who never cease to amaze me with their kind words and forceful nature – getting me out of the boat at all cost.  And for that I love them and will reward them with copious amounts of PBR on September 14th!!!! (The day of my HOLY UNION to my oh-so-un-holy PIRATE)