Pugs, Make My World Go Round

8 Nov

I love pugs.




I love little ones, big ones, stinky ones and all those in between.  Nothing in the world makes this girl happier than a lil sneezing, wheezing  whining, shedding, smelly pug.  I have had many animals in my lifetime guinea pigs, small dogs, big dogs, rats, hamsters, fish etc yet to this day nothing melts my heart like a waddling pug.

In other words:


 While not the most poetic, this quote hits the nail right on the head.  It has been exactly 13 months since I lost my beloved stinky Peggy and frankly my heart aches for a Peggy junior.  Plus Coconut need a playmate, our elderly Emma just doesn’t cut it.

Then my wonderful brand new husband graced me with the best new a pug lover could ever hear:


Yes baby, we can get a pug.

He also went on to say, “When we buy a house with a yard.”

I didn’t need to hear the last part, because I heard the first part and that was all I needed to make 2013 sound like the best year a girl could ask for. **Swoon** Now I cherish my pug jewelry, t-shirts, artwork even more because! soon soon my little chipmunks, I will be the proud owner/Mama of the most precious creature on this earth!!  OH BE STILL MY HEART!!!

Now its time to think of names…… I have a few ideas but I am open to new ones… Extra points for names that are food or  Spanish or BOTH!

Examples:  Salchicha, Cebolla etc.


 Three dogs is a lot, but not when one dog is part goddess.

(and I am not referring to Coconaughtty)

(stay tuned for the latest Coconut Adventures) 

Great Dane BUTT Print

12 Jul

It’s a very warm Thursday evening and I decided to take the dogs on a long walk on a nature trail because I felt bad that the puppy girls had been cooped all week.


 About 5 min into the walk I take Emma off her leash because shes a good off the leash walker.  Coconut does not get this special treatment.

As soon and I un hook her leash I walk a few steps and I don’t hear her.  I turn and what do I see?

There is Emma she has stopped, dropped and begun ROLLING in a MASSIVE mud puddle.  I scream EMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she stops and looks at me?

“WTF woman, I’m having a good time.”  I run over to her she hops up and resumes on our walk.  She turns and her entire left side is caked in mud.  She looks exactly how elephants look after a mud roll.  I laugh and try to tell myself the bath wont be that bad.

We get into the apt and I carefully try to walk into the bathroom.  I rinse, suds, rinse again – SUCCESS clean dog.  She hops out of the tub and its all done, until I see the bathroom cabinets, a near perfect Emma butt print.


Oh well, I tried!

Coco Couture

3 May

Coconut has her debut race, ‘running of the chihuahuas‘ on Saturday so she decided to try on her ‘race outfit’

here we go:

(pictures have been commented on by her majesty MS.COCONUT)


Oh, am I posing already?


You like that? Yeah I though so.


I look fab in the light of sunset



Oh, please Mama no more pictures


pink shift and silver pearls





Well now that you have seen our ensembles, come cheer me (Coconut) on for my first race on Saturday in SW DC!!!!  Watch me preform like NONE other. XOXOXO-COCONUTTTY


Coconut Destroys her Pee Pee Pad

23 Apr

Once upon time there was a little dog who when left to her own devices destroyed everything in sight. One day the Mama Wench made the poor decision to give her a peepee pad to sop up her filth.
Dear little coconut took this as a wonderful opportunity to rip it to shreds and possible give herself chemical poisoning. Alas just another day on the boat.



18 Apr

“Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl!!!! CAN YOU BRING IT?”
“Oh its already been broughten!!!”

Attention Ms. Coconut, I think Mr. Geronimo has bought his A game, now how you goin’ to top that???? Guuuuuuurl

Lets say it together, AGILITY!!!!!!!!

17 Apr

Coconut can say one word- and its starts with a ‘A‘ and ends with a ‘Y‘ and she is a S-T-A-R!!!


Sadly, agility level one is coming to a close, but never fear our beautiful starlet will be advancing to LEVEL II.  OH! what a proud mama I am to see my little wee thing excel so!

hipp hipp hurrah!!!! When was the last time you saw a Cuban in the olympics?????  Those athletic genes must come from my side of the family. ARYAN POWER.

Now, now friends simmer down, I am not the only one who enjoys seeing this little bitch prance around an agility course, my new found BFF Erik is equally as enthralled.


Now my dear friend’s filming ability isnt always spot on — we all can’t be genetic perfection like Coconut and her mama, so I give you the latest rounds of the angel in full on AGILITY!


AGILITY DOG WALK: (new trickhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJNFbCkDMv0&feature=youtu.be

AGILITY WEAVE:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8VSXcYVcVE&feature=youtu.be

AGILITY TUNNEL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pezrSZ9sGNA&feature=relmfu

Garden Girls

3 Apr

It is spring in our nation’s capitol and the girls and I decided to take a nice long walk in the gardens by the waterfront.   Oh, what a posh life we lead!!!!

*snap snap* went the camera and the poses just kept coming.  Who knew these bitches where were such photo-ho-bags?!

I have always enjoyed Mama Biscuit’s photos shoots – so this is my homage to them!!





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